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Tsing Hua Entrepreneur Network (TEN)
Welcome to TEN
About the Association


"Constantly Strengthen and Cultivate Ourselves" is the motto of Tsing-Hua University. Tsing-Hua alumni have preserved the teachings of the motto, and after almost a century, many outstanding groups of alumni can be found in business, government and academic sectors. The alumni possess outstanding qualifications and experience, the knowledge and experiences contained therein are the most treasured heritage of "Tsing-Hua". Most importantly, they are able to set examples. The many generations of leaders with their foresight, strength and spirit of cooperation have earned respected positions for the Chinese people on the global stage, bringing honor to Tsing-Hua.


Tsing-Hua Entrepreneur Network (TEN) is primarily founded as a corresponding association to the Tsing-Hua Entrepreneur Executive Club of Beijing (TEEC) in 2008. At that time, almunus Kun-Jui Lu, General Manager of Accton, arranged a visitation to Taiwan for the former Chairman of TEEC, Feng Jun. At the time, Jun Feng both met with the former Vice President, Ming-Chuan Yeh, and conducted a telephone interview with President Wen-Tsuen Chen. Under the suggestion of President Chen, Kun-Jui Lu accepted the responsibility of founding TEN and take the position as the first president. He soon gained the full support of the chairman of the Alumni Association at the time, Ming-Te Hsu, and the Dean of the College of Technology Management, Dr. Chin-Tay Shih. At the same time, CEO of eMemory, Charles Hsu and MA-TEK General Manager, Yong-Fen Hsieh were invited to take up the position of Vice President. With the support of Chyun-Jye Cheng, CEO of Smartgrand Asset Management Corp., as well as the participation of Diana Wu of the College of Technology Management, together they were responsible for development.

On September 23, 2008, TEN was officially founded under the witness of the Dean of the College of Technology Management, Dr. Chin-Tay Shih. TEN brought together outstanding alumni from information and communications, materials and green energy, biotechnology, investment, cultural and creative services, and Young TEN. Together with TEEC, TEN supports and promotes cross-strait Tsing-Hua relations and comprehensively utilizes the gathering of talents across the enormous platform of their alma mater. It promotes the innovative concept of 1+1=11 to help career services for Tsing-Hua alumni, create a platform for resources and development in order to establish a win-win environment for cross-strait enterprises.

Founding Purpose and Objectives

TEN adheres the Tsing-Hua motto of "Constantly Strengthen and Cultivate Ourselves" and "Actions Speak Louder than Words". TEN upholds the purpose and objective of both "Self-Help" and "Helping Others", to always support each other and share resources. To achieve these aims, the following objectives were established:

Provide members with a career-building and development platform for all fields

Assist Tsing-Hua alumni entrepreneurs with potential or the younger generation, providing the needed resources and help when building their enterprise

Assist members in linking and contributing their achievements and honors back to Tsing-Hua

Promote cooperation between cross-strait Tsing-Hua alumni entrepreneurs through cooperation, creating a win-win environment